Here at Pranky B, we recognise that being gifted with a precious bundle comes with responsibilities.  We are here ready with a range of toddler and baby products, not only to celebrate this special moment with you, but to look after your baby’s needs while having fun! Pranky B stands by three simple guiding principles: quality, design and fun.  

A well-crafted product should not only stand the test of time, Pranky aims to take it one step further: to incorporate an element of ‘practical fun’. We believe that a well-designed product should serve to aid in our day to day life – and yes, that includes having fun every day!

It’s Pranky, it’s fun!
Ultimately, Pranky B wants you to create funny moments in your daily life with our products, to hopefully share your precious moments and puts a smile on the people around you.

Be fun, be Pranky!




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