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You have all the fun, let us worry the rest…
Our experiences tell us that delivering the best products start from step one – raw materials.  Especially, most of our products are made of silicone material which believes to be the hottest, the safest material for food/drink storage and baby products.

All raw materials we have applied on products are in the finest quality and they have passed all the international qualifications. We make our priority to measure up to worldwide standards, and continue to produce our products to pass all the globally required tests.

Less components, more safeness...
Less is more” is our philosophy especially on baby products! Under our simple yet fancy designs, all of our products are made by less assembled parts or even in one-piece only. This is critically important to create less chances that small parts come off.

Do it right at the first step shows Pranky B’s products concern the safety from the beginning!ow you need.

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